Benefit Entitlement

Benefit Entitlement

Mountbatton Care can offer support and guidance with benefits.

We appreciate how challenging it can be for individuals to find their way round the welfare system, as it can be very complicated. We have therefore commissioned a dedicated Welfare Team who can help people apply for the Pension benefits, Housing Benefit and other available income streams they are entitled to.

We will, if required guide on Individual Budgeting, Personal Budgets, Independent Living Fund Payments and Direct Payments.

Appreciative of the diverse sources of funding accessible for social care can be quite confusing. At Mountbatton Care, we are committed to rationalising the practise, ensuring that people have all the complete information available to them.

Personal Budgets

Personal Budgets are a provision of funding to meet and addressed needs. They allow individuals to have control and choice over how their care and support needs are met and by whom. Personal Budgets can either be taken as a Direct Payment, left with councils or an amalgamation of both. There is, therefore, a choice for people who do not want to take on the accountability of Direct Payment themselves.

Individual Budgets

Individual Budgets diverge in that they cover a host of funding streams such as, Disabled Facility Grant, Independent Living Funds, Access to Work and Community Apparatus Services. Similar to Personal Budgets, an Individual Budget can be taken as a Direct Payment or left with the council to administer. It can also be given to another organisation to be managed on behalf of the individual, or any combination of the above methods.